Dragged to witness
Trenches you never believed existed,
In a world so dark
You stood alone
Knowing not what lay ahead and
Wondering where to go.

Only yesterday,
You had dreamt of butterflies;
Feasted on
The light of the stars and
Sang with
The rhythm of your heart.

Yet gone they were
Like your tears on a pillow-
Lost in the abyss
Just waiting for someone
To feel the damp cotton and
The gaze of your wet eyes.

Yet alone you turned
Criticism into motivation,
Helplessness into independence
And your soul into Tungsten :
Robust and solid in conditions
In which others easily melted.

You fought battles that were
Never glorified
Forever unknown.

Had you reached merely, the light at the end of tunnel,
I would have called you a ‘Survivor’
But you lit up the entire path
With flaming torches of courage
And lamps of hope
Feeding on the oil of your sacrifice.

You, darling, are not a ‘survivor’.
You are a ‘WINNER’!

(dedicated to my mother)