A Search For Nepenthe

I’m lost in the sea of grief..

so deep that i know

no longer which way is up

and which down…

i’m climbing stairs..

but I know not whether they ascend

or descend into the whirlpool

that i often talk about.

Too little grief means

not enough time

as i’m hurriedly trying to

smile while the phase lasts.

Too much grief means

not enough motivation

to write down the thousand words

gurgling within.


PS- I assure you (me, that is) that I shall be back.. maybe frailer, maybe older, maybe better, maybe happier.. but back nevertheless…. I’ll find my motivation to post poetry once again, just like I found motivation enough to make this banal post..



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Strong note to self,
    It was soothing, glad i laid my sight on your blog,
    God bless 🙂

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  2. Much of your poetry is truly beautiful. I’m glad to have found your site (because you followed mine – thank you). Sometimes you have to let the words lie fallow for a while and they will regrow in their own time – until they do, take care and I look forward to reading more of your poems in the future. S

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    1. i’m grateful for your kind words.. after a long day filled with a number of setbacks(although temporary), your comment made me smile
      thank you 🙂


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