The pit of my stomach,
My legs half dangling,
My motionless body,
The damp pillow,
My swollen eyes,
This drab room,
My sunken spirit,
These uncombed hair,
My lost motivation,
All this wasted time,
My guilt and pretentious laugh,
False reassurances and raw wounds,
All ask in unison

Can mere survival be considered a fight?
Can not giving up be an indication of courage?
Will getting through this amount to victory?

My phone rings.
It’s my mother.
I loved breakfast, I tell her and keep the phone down.
I leave the questions for some time later.
Because for now, I have to finish the food before she’s back.


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  1. Nicely crafted piece – feels like a prelude to something bigger. Look forward to you returning to the questions.

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    1. i shall indeed return to it once I find the answers myself..

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  2. Liz C. says:

    Although there are wars being fought and sick people fighting top live.. We each have our own battles in different forms. That includes just getting through the day with a huge mountain of emotions pushing down on us and rambling thoughts in our heads telling us so many negative things, yet we do not listen. We do not give up.

    I consider that victory.

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    1. And a series of these victories, with some losses in between… ah, life!

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