I stood there

Seeing everything,

Feeling nothing.

The sky clear

The breeze soft,

The ground cold

The leaves scattered.

But then there was a Moment

For I had stayed the same

For far too long, waiting for it

All to push me over the edge

And when it finally did, nothing


But I already knew everything


The sky still cloudless

The breeze still soundless,

The ground still lifeless

The leaves still careless.
-every one could see nothing

Not one could see everything 

My vision hazy
With the dreams I had nurtured;

My voice sinking 

With the motivation I had pilfered;

My mind flooded

With the thoughts I had uncovered;

My heart afloat

With the love I had smothered;

My body intoxicated

With the agony I had suffered;

And my soul ablaze

With passion rediscovered.

Every one can feel nothing

Not one can feel everything


Right when you think that you

Now understand, allow me to reiterate :

When my insides were in chaos

Was when they were the most aligned.

When my sparkle seemed diminished

Was when it could blind you.

When my edges seemed worn out

Was when they could impair you;

And when I seemed defeated

Was when I could annihilate you.
Every one understands nothing.

Not one understands everything.


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  1. MaiMai says:

    Wow, incredibly well written. It really makes you think

    Liked by 1 person

    1. every one that reads it can have a different interpretation, so to make the reader think was my only aim. Thanks! 🙂


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