the sky is so clouded

tonight, it looks like a blackboard

with wishes once scribbled

in chalk but now smudged away

by a foul smelling rag;

nothing left but chalk particles

here and there

which shine now,

shine now like stars in the dark

making a constellation 

of wishes now smudged away,

smudged away by that foul smelling rag

by someone i failed to drag

out of my life,

failed to end the strife

before morning came

with the sky no longer same-

a blank canvas now

on it, specks of chalk are invisible,

invisible in the white vastness,

the vastness that will soon become a masterpiece

a masterpiece with strokes and splashes

by people who will make it big in life

while i will simply stare and search..

search for dots of chalk on the blank canvas,

for stars in the day which no one can see

and for someone like me

who might be thinking of a pattern

so that we can call those misplaced stars a constellation,

a constellation which, like us,

is there

but isn’t seen.