I write for liberation.

I write because my words seem better in my handwriting than in my voice.

I write because I can cancel out words written, not those spoken.

I write because I feel.

I write because I feel heard without having to say a word.

I write because once I am done feeling, I can shred papers and delete documents.

I write because I cannot sing or paint or dance or create anything else that would be beautiful.

I write because my fingers, unlike my voice, don’t lose strength halfway into the sentence.

I write because unlike people, blank screens and papers do not get hurt when pain spills out.

i write to heal myself.

i write to weave together my wounds, with hope that the tapestry may turn out to be worth a second look.

i write because I like to believe that adding a little beauty to wounds, takes away a little pain.

I do not care if my wandering sentences, punctuated with rhyming words make no sense to people.

I do not care if my prolix ramblings are too poorly formatted to hold the reader’s interest.

I write only to liberate myself.From hesitation and insecurity. From doubt and obscurity. So I can venture forth and embrace every vulnerability.

And yet..if you, O reader, have ever liked what I have written, I thank you for appreciating what is, a part of me.


We’re all writing away but most of us never stop to wonder why… Feel free to share in the comments, why you write.. I’d love to know..