Why I Write

I write for liberation.

I write because my words seem better in my handwriting than in my voice.

I write because I can cancel out words written, not those spoken.

I write because I feel.

I write because I feel heard without having to say a word.

I write because once I am done feeling, I can shred papers and delete documents.

I write because I cannot sing or paint or dance or create anything else that would be beautiful.

I write because my fingers, unlike my voice, don’t lose strength halfway into the sentence.

I write because unlike people, blank screens and papers do not get hurt when pain spills out.

i write to heal myself.

i write to weave together my wounds, with hope that the tapestry may turn out to be worth a second look.

i write because I like to believe that adding a little beauty to wounds, takes away a little pain.

I do not care if my wandering sentences, punctuated with rhyming words make no sense to people.

I do not care if my prolix ramblings are too poorly formatted to hold the reader’s interest.

I write only to liberate myself.From hesitation and insecurity. From doubt and obscurity. So I can venture forth and embrace every vulnerability.

And yet..if you, O reader, have ever liked what I have written, I thank you for appreciating what is, a part of me.


We’re all writing away but most of us never stop to wonder why… Feel free to share in the comments, why you write.. I’d love to know..


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  1. I do my thinking and sifting out on paper, then when it’s time to speak up, I have my feelings on the issues clearer and more condensed. And when I post my thoughts and people contradict me, when they say, “That’s now how it is, I can rethink my perspective.”

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  2. darth elmo says:

    you’re very badass. i like your rhyming writing. as for me, i like writing because i forget most things, and this adds more permanence to memories than my mind ever could. it also gives me the liberty to edit, review and re examine parts of things that might i might not ordinarily perceive. mostly i write because i like slowing down, and to stop and write, or to stop and read, gives me both pauses and perspective. i write because i chase time, and because i am a slave to nostalgia, and if i don’t put my thoughts on paper, they physically surround me, making me feel kind of insane. i write because i have imaginary friends, imaginary relationships and imaginary conversations. writing is our imaginary correspondence.

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  3. This: “I write because unlike people, blank screens and papers do not get hurt when pain spills out.” – so true, so true

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