A Writer’s Block? I Wouldn’t Say.

A writer’s block it isn’t.

It’s low self esteem.

It’s guilt ridden procrastination.

It’s the comfort in inactivity.

It’s a fear of not being good enough.

It’s hesitation to put myself up for judgement.

It’s a loss of faith in my words and abilities.

It’s a desire to be better without practice.

It’s a frustration with ideas constantly swirling in my head aggravated by my inability to write them.

It’s the answer to the question, “What the hell is this?”

It’s a realization of the fact that a thousand people have written everything I can think of, a thousand times better than I ever will.

It’s not a writer’s block.

Writer’s block, my dear readers, was an excuse.

It’s just my self doubting, lazy self.


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  1. Kilaingyan says:

    ‘To be better’. ‘To say something better than others’.

    From one perspective, I say we attach too much importance to this sentiment. Sanskrit had attained ‘perfection’ with Ashtadyayi. People became so entranced with this idea that they began to lose touch with reality – some of Kalidasa’s works include 40 syllable words. Now the language is no longer living.

    I’m amazed at the gravity of that sentence. A great language is no longer living. And a language is man’s invention. And the species of homo sapiens has been around only for 6 million years. The world has existed for 4.5 billion years. There is a chance that we won’t stick around for long. In the vastness of time and space, the rest dwarf to nothingness.

    Hence saying I won’t write because it isn’t perfect loses validity with this perspective. It is like saying if we are going to die eventually, why live?

    Your words have made my life better. It doesn’t matter what standard you attach to them. Would that simple truth release you from your inhibitions?

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    1. That does.
      You’ve got incredible persuasion skills.
      Thank you for using them liberally.


    2. darth elmo says:

      this comment was so inspiring.


  2. darth elmo says:



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