You’re miles away

and I want to portray

that I’m finding my way

alright through the day

but I do go astray

and begin to sway

to the rhythm of over-

-powering waves

of longing, stretching

like the limbs of a ballerina

blinded by the beauty

in the inevitable tragedy

of  her lover’s melody.

There are places only two-

where you are

and where you are not.


In my stomach, I feel,

there is a strange knot

of joy bound with tears

that butterflies are playing with.

They catch it, i smile

they drop it, i reach out

reach out to you

pulling you by the hand,

glad that some of your glitter

comes on to me- I flutter-

then watch mesmerized

as the thousands of butterflies

gravitate to you

like pigeons to electric wires.

Breathing in your calm,

they stay perched on your arms

your arms open for me-

I jump into thee

like a coin into a wishing well,

hoping to stay till I’m rusty.

But I soon hit the bottom

and realise- you’re nowhere close

and although my imagination

took me too far,

it’s still not as far

as you, my love, are.


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  1. Kilaingyan says:

    I’m happy to see you experimenting more with different styles. Opened eyes, waves of emotions. Maybe the mental block has helped you in a way.

    Liked by 1 person

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